Potato Products

Packing Potatoes

Hand graded and unwashed Potatoes

Available in 7.5KG, 12.5KG 25KG

General all round potatoes

Hand graded and washed Potatoes

Available in 7.5kg,12.5kg and 25kg

Great all round potatoes, perfect for chipping

Retail Bags

Available in 750gm salads, 2.5kg general purpose washed potato, 4 pack baker

Raw potato


Available in 15kg boxes, hand graded and washed 40s,50s,60s and jumbos

Retail Salads

Available in 10kg boxes, sizes to suit your requirements

Prepared Potato Products

Skinny chips Prepared fresh (chilled)

Available in 5kg vac bags

Oven chips

Available in 750gm
Made with local vegetable oil

Steak Chips Prepared fresh (chilled)

Available in 5kg bags

Roast Potatoes Prepared fresh (chilled)

Available in 5kg vac bags

Chip shop chips Prepared fresh (chilled)

Available in 5kg vac bags

Whole peeled potato Prepared fresh (chilled)

Weight graded in 5kg vac bag to suit your requirements

Retail Roast/Mash bags Prepared fresh (chilled)

Available in 1.5kg vac bags

Jenga chips/ Saute/ Fondant/ Dauphinoise/ Chateau Potato

Available upon request with notice

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